MoPress is a blogging client application developed for mobile phones.

It allows a mobile phone to post a content (text, image, audio, video) to a Blog, using any type of available network (mobile phone network or Wi-Fi network).

Download MoPress 0.3.5 for J2ME Devices
Download MoPress 0.3.5 for BlackBerry 4.3 or higher

What blog publishing platforms are supported?

MoPress Client

Mopress is tested with WordPress (v2.3.1 or higher), Drupal (v 5.6 or higher), Joomla (v 1.5 or higher with MovableType API plugin), and Blogger.

MoPress uses XML-RPC protocol for communication with blog, then it's compatible with all publishing systems that support either MovableType API or Blogger API.

Suported Phones

Sony Ericsson
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